DUKTalks 2013 Rocks the Robinson

Many thanks to our enthusiastic audience of 200 guests! Alumni, donors, students, faculty and staff turned up at the beautiful Robinson Theatre for an afternoon of brain candy and a special guest appearance by the Duck.

Check out our speaker videos below:

Dean's Welcome (and a Parent's Perspective)

W. Andrew Marcus, acting dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, introduces this year's theme, "It's Elemental," and shares his experience as a parent of three UO students.

The Journey is the Reward (One Student's Story)

Rossmary Marquez, a native of Venezuela and a first-generation college student, shares how the possibility for exploration in the arts and sciences has defined her experience as a student at the UO.

How to Tweet from Another Century

UO medieval scholar Martha Bayless shares rune sticks from centuries past that illustrate how brief and personal everyday messages (exactly like tweets)-sometimes sharing "too much information"-are nothing new.

The Physics of Life

UO physics professor Raghu Parthasarathy delves into the mystery of membranes -- and why the principles of physics are essential to understanding this biological phenomenon.

Reinventing Knowledge, from Alexandria to the Internet

Ian McNeely, UO history professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, applies the lessons of history to the dramatic changes in higher education today.

The Promise of the Connected Generation

Tucker Bounds-'02, Political Science, director of corporate communications at Facebook-reflects on a Freshman Seminar at the UO that set him on course for a career in presidential politics (he was spokesperson for John MCain in 2008) and now high-tech. It's all about community and communication.